An enthusiastic user of TX Text Control recently published an open source project that provides a Microsoft CWnd-based wrapper for TX Text Control ActiveX 15.1.

Generally, ActiveX controls can be easily imported into MFC-based projects, but these wrappers around ActiveX controls are incomplete. This project contains wrappers for the TXTextControl, TXButtonBar, TXRulerBar and TXStatusBar. The TXWrapper class itself acts like a parent window for the TX Text Control components. Additionally, some helper classes and a sample application is part of the project.

If you plan to use TX Text Control ActiveX in a Visual C++ MFC project, I can really recommend this wrapper. It is all you need to start a TX Text Control word processing application using VC++.

Please visit the project's website on SourceForge to learn more about the wrapper or to download the files. All further contributions are welcome.