• TX Spell .NET for WPF 7.0 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-3777 N/A Options dialog looks faulty under high resolution Fixed in 7.0 SP1
    SPELL-3773 Other Error message for missing LanguageRecognition folder is wrong. Fixed in 7.0 SP1
    SPELL-3772 Setup AssemblyFolders are removed after a Windows update Fixed in 7.0 SP1
    SPELL-3416 Dialog System.IndexOutOfRangeException if a misspelled word is deleted in the SpellCheckDialog Fixed in 7.0 SP1
  • TX Spell .NET for WPF 7.0
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-3766 Samples Samples: System.Drawing.dll reference missing in WPF\VB.NET\TextControl\SpellCheckDialog on specific text parts Fixed in 7.0
    SPELL-3765 N/A An incorrect repeated word is not marked as duplicated after ignoring it for a RTF control. Fixed in 7.0
    SPELL-3764 Dialog The "Add To Dictionary" button is incorrectly enabled in the SpellCheckDialog for repeated words. Fixed in 7.0
    SPELL-3763 Spellchecking A repeated word is not marked as misspelled any longer after adding it to a UserDictionary for a RTF control. Fixed in 7.0
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