• TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms 8.0
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-3783 Spell Checking False positive results when using an OpenOfficeDictionary and a UserDictionary. Fixed in 8.0
    SPELL-3782 Dialog Add To Dictionary not refreshed when adding UserDictionary to RichTextBox. Fixed in 8.0
    SPELL-3781 Documentation Information that subfolders are neccessary is not clear. Fixed in 8.0
    SPELL-3779 Dialog System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when deleting words in SpellCheckDialog of TX Spell. Fixed in 8.0
    SPELL-3778 Dictionaries ICONV Flag does not work. Fixed in 8.0
    SPELL-3768 Property Method LoadDictionaryDelayed default value is not set to true when creating the Spell object in code. Fixed in 8.0
    SPELL-3767 Documentation TXTextControl.Proofing.DictionaryCollection.LoadDictionaryDelayed Property marked as "Read only". Fixed in 8.0
    SPELL-3756 Spell Checking A string with multiple dashes slows the spellcheck down. Fixed in 8.0
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