We had a fantastic time at Philly Code Camp 2014 last weekend and enjoyed so many discussions with enthusiastic developers. We presented our latest HTML5 Web editor and reporting template designer.

Banded report designers are limited and not easy to use. Iterating over any data, in any way, across any part of the template is not possible. Using "Flow Type Layout Reporting", sub-reports for instance are integrated into the document. It is not limited to the report header, the main table and the footer. You can position all kinds of word processing elements in your templates directly.

Supported browsers by TX Text Control HTML5

TX Text Control X11 will allow the creation of documents and templates using any operating system with an HTML5 capable browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Because the product is being built with pure HTML5 and JavaScript, it will have a zero footprint with no client-side browser plugins required.

We are very happy about your positive feedback and would like to thank everybody who stopped by our booth. Find below some impressions of our booth area: