TXTextControl.XmlElement Class

An instance of this class represents an element in a XML document. To iterate through all occurrences of an XML element in a Text Control document the XmlElementCollection class can be used.


public class XmlElement
[Visual Basic]
Public Class XmlElement


Constructor Description
XmlElement Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the XmlElement class.


Property Description
AutoSelect Determines whether the text of a newly added XML element is automatically selected.
AutoText Determines whether text is automatically created for a newly added XML element that has no text contents.
ElementName Gets the name of an XML element.
Text Specifies the text of the XML element.


Method Description
AddChild Overloaded. Adds a new XML element as a sub-element of this element.
GetChildItem Overloaded. Returns an XML Element object that represents a child element of this element.
RemoveChild Overloaded. Removes an XML child element.
Select Selects the text of the XML element.

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