Design Document as Administrator

Windows Presentation Foundation User's Guide > Howto: Use Document Permissions

In step 2, an instance of the TX Text Control editor is opened with full editing permissions to design a document with editable regions. The list of user names is passed to the editor form and is applied to the WPF.RibbonPermissionsTab.RegisteredUserNames property of the RibbonPermissionsTab:

ribbonPermissionsTab1.RegisteredUserNames = m_sRegisteredUserNames;
[Visual Basic]
ribbonPermissionsTab1.RegisteredUserNames = m_sRegisteredUserNames

Click on Design Document to open the editor form. In the opened editor form, click on Read Only from the Restrict Editing ribbon group in the Permissions ribbon tab.

Click the Add Users button in the Mark Exceptions and set Users ribbon group.

In the opened dialog Add Users, open the drop-down box, select a user and add the user by clicking Add. Add as many users as you like and confirm with OK.

Now select a paragraph in the document that represents an exception in a protected document. Select the user(s) from the list view in the Mark Exceptions and set Users ribbon group. The selected text gets highlighted with a different color representing different users.

To enable the protection, click Enforce Protection and type in a master password which is used to encrypt the document. Reenter the password and confirm with OK.

Close the form by choosing Close Editor from the application main menu File. The document is saved automatically.