Saving a Record

All data access is handled by two methods, which are Load and Save. The Save method stores formatted text to a string, which is then passed on to the database engine using Visual Studio's ADO functions.

private void PutRecord()
	string sRTFData;

	textControl1.Save(out sRTFData, TXTextControl.StringStreamType.RichTextFormat);
	dsRTFData.Tables[0].Rows[iCurrentRow][0] = sRTFData;
[Visual Basic]
Private Sub PutRecord()
	Dim sRTFData As String = String.Empty

	textControl1.Save(sRTFData, TXTextControl.StringStreamType.RichTextFormat)
	dsRTFData.Tables(0).Rows(iCurrentRow)(0) = sRTFData
End Sub

Other text formats can be used by simply changing the second parameter of the Save method.

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