TXTextControl.WPF.Drawing.TXDrawingControl Class

The WPF.TXDrawingControl class implements a WPF FrameworkElement with features to draw custom or predefined shapes. It can be added to a document with the WPF.TextControl.Drawings property. The WPF.TXDrawingControl class is inherited from the System.Windows.FrameworkElement class. The following describes only the properties, methods and events defined through the WPF.TXDrawingControl class. For a list of properties, methods and events inherited from the System.Windows.FrameworkElement class see the .NET Framework reference.

Introduced: 23.0.


public class TXDrawingControl : System.Windows.FrameworkElement
[Visual Basic]
Public Class TXDrawingControl
  Inherits System.Windows.FrameworkElement


Constructor Description
TXDrawingControl Initializes a new instance of the TXDrawingControl class.


Property Description
BackColor Gets or sets the TX Drawing Control's back color.
BorderColor Gets or sets the TX Drawing Control's border line color.The default value is null and represents the color System.Windows.SystemColors.WindowTextColor.
BorderWidth Gets or sets the TX Drawing Control's border line width.
CanCopy Informs whether shapes are selected which can be copied to the internal clipboard.
CanPaste Informs whether the internal clipboard contains shapes that can be pasted into the TX Drawing Control.
CanRedo Informs whether an operation can be re-done using the Redo method.
CanUndo Gets a value indicating whether the user can undo the previous operation in the TX Drawing Control.
IsCanvasVisible Gets a value whether the TX Drawing Control is interpreted as canvas or not.
Selection Gets an object of type Drawing.Selection that represents the current selected shapes inside the TX Drawing Control.
Shapes Gets an object of type ShapeCollection that represents those shapes which are displayed inside the TX Drawing Control.
ZoomFactor Gets or sets the zoom factor, in percent, for the TX Drawing Control.


Method Description
ClearUndo Clears the undo buffer of the TX Drawing Control.
Copy Copies the current selected shapes of the TX Drawing Control to the Clipboard.
Cut Moves the current selected shapes of the TX Drawing Control to the Clipboard.
FormatShapesDialog Opens a dialog to format selected shapes.
Load Loads shapes data into the TX Drawing Control from a specified object of type System.IO.Stream.
Paste Pastes the content of the clipboard into the TX Drawing Control
PrintPaint Overloaded. Renders the displayed shapes on the specified System.Drawing.Graphics object.
Redo Redoes the last TX Drawing Control operation.
Save Saves the shapes data to the given object of type System.IO.Stream.
SaveImage Overloaded. Saves the displayed shapes as an image.
SelectAll Selects all shapes in the TX Drawing Control.
SetCanvasSize Specifies, pursuant to a ZoomFactor value of 100, the height and width of the canvas.
SizeToContent If any changes of the the displayed shapes' visible bounds require an adaption of the TX Drawing Control bounds, the size and/or location of the control is expanded respectively decreased by the considering value of the considering shape's side(s).
Undo Undoes the last edit operation in the TX Drawing Control.


Event Description
AdaptBounds Indicates that the visible bounds of the displayed shapes have been changed (by changing the shape's angle, outline width, yellow adjust rectangles or the control's border width) in so far that the control requires an update of its bounds.
Changed Indicates that the number or formatting of the displayed shapes has been changed.
ShapeAdjusted Occurs when a shape has been adjusted by using its yellow adjust rectangle.
ShapeClicked Occurs when a shape has been clicked on.
ShapeCreated Occurs when a new shape has been created.
ShapeDeleted Occurs when a shape has been deleted from the TX Drawing Control's shapes collection.
ShapeDeselected Occurs when a shape has been deselected.
ShapeFlipped Occurs when a shape has been flipped.
ShapeFormatChanged Occurs when shape formatting attributes which cannot be handled with the built-in mouse interface have been changed.
ShapeMoved Occurs when a shape has been moved with the built-in mouse interface.
ShapeSelected Occurs when a shape has been selected.
ShapeSized Occurs when a shape has been sized with the built-in mouse interface.
ViewChanged Occurs when UI manipulations such as shape moving or selection changing have caused the view to change.

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