TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.Ribbon.RibbonListView.RibbonListViewItemEventArgs Class

The RibbonListViewItemEventArgs class provides data for the RibbonListView.ItemClick, ItemMouseEnter or ItemMouseLeave event. The RibbonListViewItemEventArgs class is inherited from the System.EventArgs class. The following describes only the properties, methods and events defined through the RibbonListViewItemEventArgs class. For a list of properties, methods and events inherited from the System.EventArgs class see the .NET Framework reference.

Introduced: 24.0.


public class RibbonListViewItemEventArgs: EventArgs
[Visual Basic]
Public Class RibbonListViewItemEventArgs
  Inherits EventArgs


Property Description
Item Gets an object of type RibbonListViewItem that represents the handled item.

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