TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.Ribbon.RibbonListView.RibbonListViewItem Class

The RibbonListViewItem class represents an item in a RibbonListView control.

Introduced: 24.0.


public class RibbonListViewItem
[Visual Basic]
Public Class RibbonListViewItem


Constructor Description
RibbonListViewItem Initializes a new instance of the RibbonListViewItem class.


Property Description
Icon Gets or sets the icon for this RibbonListViewItem.
IsSelected Gets or sets a value whether this RibbonListViewItem is selected.
Tag Gets or sets the data associated with this RibbonListViewItem.
Text Gets or sets the RibbonListViewItem's text
ToolTip Gets an object of type RibbonToolTip that displays text when the mouse pointer hovers over the item.

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