Windows Presentation Foundation User's Guide

This guide describes how to create TX Text Control WPF applications (.exe) and TX Text Control WPF browser applications (.xbap) which run in Microsoft Internet Explorer. All examples are available either for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or Microsoft Visual C# .NET. To run these examples you have to install TXTextControl .NET for WPF.

Tutorial: Starting with Microsoft Visual Studio

Tutorial: Create a Ribbon Application

Howto: Work With Files

Howto: Print

Howto: Use Text Fields

Howto: Connect to Databases

Howto: Edit and Format Text From Code

Howto: Mail Merge

Howto: Use Hypertext Links

Howto: Use XML Files

Howto: Use Text Frames

Howto: Drag and Drop Files

Howto: Implement Spreadsheet Functionality

Howto: Create a simple WPF Browser Application (XBAP)

Howto: Load a document from the server in an XBAP browser application

Howto: Add drawings and shapes to your application

Howto: Use Document Permissions

Howto: Manipulate the MiniToolbar

Link: Online Source Code Library

Link: Support FAQ