Windows Presentation Foundation User's Guide

This guide describes how to create TX Text Control WPF applications (.exe). All examples are available either for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or Microsoft Visual C# .NET. To run these examples you have to install TXTextControl .NET for WPF.

Tutorial: Starting with Microsoft Visual Studio

Tutorial: Create a Ribbon Application

Howto: Work With Files

Howto: Print

Howto: Use Text Fields

Howto: Connect to Databases

Howto: Edit and Format Text From Code

Howto: Mail Merge

Howto: Use Hypertext Links

Howto: Use XML Files

Howto: Use Text Frames

Howto: Drag and Drop Files

Howto: Add drawings and shapes to your application

Howto: Use Document Permissions

Howto: Manipulate the MiniToolbar

Howto: Use Spreadsheet Formulas in Tables

TX Text Control Words

Link: Online Source Code Library

Link: Support FAQ