TXTextControl.TextControl.ClientToDocument Method

Computes client coordinates into document coordinates which are in twips relative to the top-left corner of the whole document.

Introduced: 25.0.


Computes the specified client point into document coordinates.

public System.Drawing.Point ClientToDocument(System.Drawing.Point point);
[Visual Basic]
Public Function ClientToDocument(point As System.Drawing.Point) As System.Drawing.Point
Member Description

Specifies a client point which document coordinates are computed.


Computes the specified client rectangle into document coordinates.

public System.Drawing.Rectangle ClientToDocument(System.Drawing.Rectangle rectangle);
[Visual Basic]
Public Function ClientToDocument(rectangle As System.Drawing.Rectangle) As System.Drawing.Rectangle
Member Description

Specifies a client rectangle which document coordinates are computed.

Return Value

The return value specifies the computed document point or rectangle.

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