Loading, Saving and Exporting Images

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TX Text Control can load images saved with the following image formats:

If an image has been added to a document with one of the ImageCollection.Add methods and this document is saved, a reference to the image file is saved. This reference is the image's file name including its absolute path on the file system. If such a document is loaded and the image to where the saved file reference points cannot be found, a rectangle with the image's size and a text string with the file name is displayed. The LoadSettings.ImageSearchPath property determines an additional path where to find images.

Images which are pasted from the clipboard have no file reference, therefore these images are saved in a document with their binary data. By default TX Text Control saves the image's binary data in its original file format.

Alternatively, a programmer can specify with the SaveSettings.ImageSaveMode or with the Image.SaveMode property whether images are saved through a file reference or with their binary data. The SaveSettings.ImageSaveMode property determines this for all images of the document and the Image.SaveMode property determines it for a certain image. If ImageSaveMode.SaveAsFileReference is specified for an image and a file for this image does not exist, a new file is created.

The SaveSettings.ImageExportFilterIndex and the Image.ExportFilterIndex properties can be used to save images in another than their original format. The SaveSettings.ImageExportFilterIndex property determines the export format for all images of the document and the Image.ExportFilterIndex property determines the export format for a certain image. TX Text Control supports the following formats to export images:

If an export format has been specified and a text filter does not support this format, the image is stored in the default format of the text filter. The following lists the image formats supported by each text filter. The first format (in bold) is the default format, used when the specified format is not possible:

If images are exported in another format, either the binary data is embedded in the document or new files are created and references to these files are embedded in the document. TX Text Control creates these files with the following rules: