TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DocumentController.TextComponent Property

Gets or sets the object of type ServerTextControl that is associated with the DocumentController component. Invoking one of the DocumentController's instance methods will result in an exception being thrown, if the TextComponent property is left unset.


public Component TextComponent { get; set; }
[Visual Basic]
Public Property TextComponent() As Component


The following example creates a new DocumentServer.DocumentController object and associates a ServerTextControl with it:

TXTextControl.DocumentController documentController1 = new TXTextControl.DocumentController();
TXTextControl.ServerTextControl serverTextControl1 = new TXTextControl.ServerTextControl();

documentController1.TextComponent = serverTextControl1;
[Visual Basic]
Dim DocumentController1 As TXTextControl.DocumentController = New TXTextControl.DocumentController
Dim ServerTextControl1 As TXTextControl.ServerTextControl = New TXTextControl.ServerTextControl

DocumentController1.TextComponent = ServerTextControl1

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