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The HTML5 Web editor can be embedded in all types of containers such as a DIV element. When the Dock property is set to Fill, the editor fills the wrapping container element automatically.

This example is part of the Sample Explorer project which includes all samples in one. The sources for this sample project can be found here:

Language Project Location
C# %USERPROFILE%\Documents\TX Text Control 26.0.NET Server for ASP.NET\Samples\ASP.NET\CSharp\Sample Explorer\
VB.NET %USERPROFILE%\Documents\TX Text Control 26.0.NET Server for ASP.NET\Samples\ASP.NET\VB.NET\Sample Explorer\

You will find the source code and the ASPX page of this sample in the Solution structure tree under: HTML5\embedded.aspx

Example description

This demo shows the default setup of the HTML5 Web editor ASP.NET control for Web Forms. All ribbons, context menus and dialog boxes are coming out-of-the-box and are ready to use.

The Web.TextControl is embedded in a DIV element with a defined size in the style parameter. The Dock property of Web.TextControl is set to Fill to fill the complete container DIV.

<div style="height: 600px;" class="sample">
    <cc1:TextControl style="border-bottom: 1px solid #999999;" ID="TextControl1" runat="server" Dock="Fill" />