Redistribution and Deployment

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Deploying the ASP.NET Web application

The ASP.NET Web application can be deployed just like any other ASP.NET application using the Publish Web functionality of Visual Studio. The following steps are required to publish your created project to your local file system that can be manually copied to your server. Optionally, you can directly publish your Web application to your server, a Windows Azure server or an FTP location. Refer to your Visual Studio documentation to learn how to use the Publish Web feature.

1. In your created ASP.NET Web application, select the reference TXTextControl.Web located in the References folder in the Solution Explorer Window. In the Properties Window, set the Copy Local property to true.

2. Select Publish %WebApplicationName% from the Build main menu. In the opened dialog Publish Web, select Custom as the publish target. In the opened dialog New Custom Profile, type in a name and confirm with OK.

3. In the next page of the dialog, select File System as your Publish method, set the target location and confirm with Next >.

4. Confirm the next page with Next > and finally click Publish to start the publishing process.

All of your required files are copied to your specific target location. Copy all of those files to your destination server.

Deploying the TX Text Control Web Server

All necessary files must be copied into the same folder on your server. You will find the distributable files in the following default folder:

C:\Program Files\Text Control GmbH\TX Text Control 26.0.NET Server for ASP.NET\Assembly


C:\Program Files\Text Control GmbH\TX Text Control 26.0.NET Server for ASP.NET\Assembly\bin64

The following files from the Assembly folder are required:

The following files from the bin64 folder are required:

1. Copy the created folder with all of the above files to a preferred location on your destination server.

2. Copy the command line tool txregwebsvr.exe from the following folder to your destination folder on your server:

C:\Program Files\Text Control GmbH\TX Text Control 26.0.NET Server for ASP.NET\Tools

3. On your server, open a Command Prompt explicitly as an administrator and change the directory to the destination folder.

4. Type in and execute the following command:

txregwebsvr.exe /i /e /w

This command will register the TXTextControl.Web.Server.exe service on your server. The optional switches /e and /w will activate interactive services and WebSockets on your server.