Typical Applications - When to use it?

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The HTML5 Web Editor is used in all types of applications where documents and templates are being created. The MS Word-like interface gives users a consistent and well known user experience.

Reporting and mail merge template creation

The most typical application is the creation of templates for the Text Control Reporting engine DocumentServer.MailMerge. The ribbon tab Reports is designed to insert merge fields and merge blocks compatible to the reporting classes of TX Text Control.

Conventional banded report designers are complex - Text Control reporting is easy to understand and thanks to WYSIWYG, the template is rendered exactly the same like on paper or in an Adobe PDF. This concept allows developers to deploy a reporting system where end-users are able to create and modify MS Word compatible templates across all platforms, devices and browsers.

The following illustration gives an overview of the typical process: Templates are created in Windows or Web applications, stored and merged on a server using the Text Control Reporting engine DocumentServer.MailMerge. Resulting documents can be exported to Adobe PDF or all other supported formats, printed and displayed in a browser.

Online document editing

Create, modify and access your documents wherever you go — simply using a browser. Integrate a true WYSIWYG word processor into your ASP.NET Web applications and provide your users an MS Word-like interface to edit documents.

In combination with the non-UI component ServerTextControl, you can prepare documents in 'code-behind', present it to your users and process the final document in your application. Pre-populate merge fields, let the user modify the resulting document online and create an Adobe PDF document on your server. The possibilities are endless once you start using it.