Creating a user dictionary

The UserDictionary constructor can be used to load an existing user dictionary from a specific path or the default dictionary path. Using only the dictionary name without any path specifications, the corresponding dictionary file inside the default dictionary folder will be used. The name of the specified user dictionary file must end in ".txd". To create a new user dictionary, no constructor may be used. The following code shows how to create a new user dictionary and how to add some custom words to it:

userDic = new TXTextControl.Proofing.UserDictionary();

userDic.Name = "User Dictionary";
[Visual Basic]
userDic = New TXTextControl.Proofing.UserDictionary()

userDic.Name = "User Dictionary"

Every Dictionary (OpenOfficeDictionary or UserDictionary) is enabled for spell checking and for creating suggestions by default. Therefore, the Dictionary.IsSpellCheckingEnabled and Dictionary.IsGetSuggestionsEnabled properties are set to true. To disable the usage of a specific dictionary, set the Dictionary.IsSpellCheckingEnabled to false.