TXTextControl.Proofing.TXSpell Class

The TXSpell class provides properties and methods with spell checking features. It is particularly suitable for spell checking tasks, where no text components are required. This could be spell checking text or getting suggestions for an incorrect word. Spell checking tasks with text components can be handled by using the TXSpellChecker class, if the text component provides an interface to connect it with the TXSpellChecker component. The following describes the properties, methods and events defined through the TXSpell class.


public sealed class TXSpell
[Visual Basic]
Public NotInheritable Class TXSpell


Constructor Description
TXSpell Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the TXSpell class.


Property Description
AvailableDictionaries Gets a list of all available dictionaries of the default dictionary folder.
AvailableHyphenationLists Gets a list of all available hyphenation lists of the default hyphenation lists folder.
AvailableSynonymLists Gets a list of all available synonym lists of the default synonym lists folder.
DetectableLanguageScopes Gets or sets a list of all languages that are used to detect language scopes in a text.
Dictionaries Gets a collection of all added and validated dictionaries.
HyphenationLanguage Gets or sets the name of a hyphenation list that is located at the default hyphenation lists folder. When using the HyphenationLanguage property, the Hyphenation.IsSelectedAsDefault property of the chosen hyphenation list is set to true.
HyphenationLists Gets a collection of all added hyphenation dictionaries.
IgnoreCase Gets or sets a value of type IgnoreCaseSettings determining whether the case of a word is ignored or not during spell checking.
IgnoreWord Gets or sets a value of type IgnoreWordSettings determining when a word should not be spell checked.
IncorrectWords Gets a collection of all incorrect words that were detected by the last call of the TXSpell.Check method.
Language Gets or sets the name of a dictionary that is located at the default dictionary folder. When using the Language property, the Dictionary.IsSelectedAsDefault property of the chosen dictionary is set to true.
LanguageScopes Gets a collection of all detected language scopes.
SpellingCorrectionUIProvider Gets an object of type SpellingCorrectionUIProvider to provide methods and properties for constructing a spelling correction user interface.
Suggestions Gets a collection of suggestions that were created by the last call of the TXSpell.CreateSuggestions method.
SynonymLanguage Gets or sets the name of a synonym list that is located at the default synonym lists folder. When using the SynonymLanguage property, the SynonymList.IsSelectedAsDefault property of the selected synonym list is set to true.
SynonymLists Gets a collection of all added synonym lists.


Method Description
Check Overloaded. Checks text for spelling errors and fills the IncorrectWordCollection at TXSpell.IncorrectWords with all incorrect words.
Create Initializes the resources of a newly instantiated TXSpell object.
CreateSuggestions Overloaded. Determines suggestions for a specific incorrect word by using selected dictionaries of the DictionaryCollection at TXSpell.Dictionaries and fills the results into the SuggestionCollection at TXSpell.Suggestions. If no maximum number of suggestions is set, all created suggestions are added into TXSpell.Suggestions.
CreateSynonyms Overloaded. Returns groups of synonyms that represent equivalent expressions for a specific text.
DetectLanguageScopes Detects language scopes in a text and fills the results into the LanguageScopeCollection at TXSpell.LanguageScopes.
GetHyphenationPoint Overloaded. Returns the next hyphenation point for a specific word right before a defined divide position.
GetHyphenationPoints Overloaded. Returns an array of all hyphenation points for a word.