TXTextControl.Proofing.TXSpell.SpellingCorrectionMode Enumeration

The enumeration contains the following values:

Value Description
CorrectionCompleted The spelling correction ist completed. All prior uncorrected words were handled by methods of the TXSpell.SpellingCorrectionUIProvider.CorrectionHandler with the result, that the source (CurrentTextControl or CurrentText) of these words does not have further words to correct. In this the CurrentWordToCorrect property is set to null.
InitialState The SpellingCorrectionUIProvider is set to its initial state. This value only appears if no TXTextControl.TextControl and no text are conntected to the SpellingCorrectionUIProvider. It is the initial state before setting the first time a TXTextControl.TextControl or text and can be forced by calling the Cancel method or SetCurrent with a null parameter. Under this mode it is not possible to force any spelling correction by using the SpellingCorrectionUIProvider.
NoSuggestionsCreated Based on the selected suggestions dictionaries no suggestions were created for the current word to correct.
NoWordToCorrectSelected The SetCurrent(int textPosition, object iFormattedText) or SetCurrent(int textPosition) method was called with the result, that there was no uncorrected word found at the specified text position. In this the CurrentWordToCorrect property are set to null.
NoWordsToCorrectFound No correct words were found on setting the current textcontrol or text. In this case whether the CurrentWordToCorrect, nor the CurrentIFormattedText property of the TXSpell.SpellingCorrectionUIProvider.StateManager is set. Therefore no spelling correction based on the SpellingCorrectionUIProvider can be forced.
OptionsSettings The SpellingCorrectionUIProvider is set to the only a mode were it is possible to modify options settings such as TXSpell.IgnoreWord, TXSpell.IgnoreCase or TXSpell.Dictionaries which have an effect on theTXSpell spell checking behavior.
SuggestionsCreated Based on the selected suggestions dictionaries an array of suggestions was created for the current word to correct.
WordToCorrectEditing The SpellingCorrectionUIProvider is set to a mode that corresponds to the state of a spell check dialog where the current word to correct is edited by the preview.
WordToCorrectIsDuplicate The current word to correct is kind of duplicated word.