TXTextControl.Proofing.TXSpell.Language Property

Gets or sets the name of a dictionary that is located at the default dictionary folder. When using the Language property, the Dictionary.IsSelectedAsDefault property of the chosen dictionary is set to true. The default value is "(Auto)".


public string Language{ get; set; }
[Visual Basic]
Public Property Language() As String
Value Description
"__.dic" The corresponding OpenOfficeDictionary is added to the TXSpell.Dictionaries collection (e.g. "en_US.dic" for the US english dictionary).
"__.txd" The corresponding UserDictionary is added to the TXSpell.Dictionaries collection (e.g. "MyUserDictionary.txd" for an user dictionary that is located inside the default dictionary folder).
"(Auto)" That Dictionary is added to the TXSpell.Dictionaries collection that equals to the language of the application environment. If the default dictionary folder does not contain such a dictionary, a dictionary is chosen that corresponds roughly to the environment language (e.g. the application environment is "en_GB", but the default dictionary folder only contains an "en_US" and a "de_DE" dictionary. In this case, the "en_US" dictionary is chosen.). In all other cases (e.g. a German environment, but no German dictionary available), the "en_US" dictionary or (if no "en_US" dictionary available) the first dictionary inside the default dictionary folder is loaded. The TXSpell.Language Property is set to "(none)", if the default dictionary folder does not contain any dictionaries.
"(none)" No dictionary is set.


An exception is thrown, if there is no corresponding dictionary inside the default dictionary folder.