Workshops and Training Classes

Our certified trainers provide customized workshops and hands-on training for all project requirements and team sizes for the most typical tasks and requirements.

Customized Workshops:
Class Room and Online

Learn how to get the optimum performance out of our products. Our Text Control MVPs and certified trainers have exclusive background knowledge with direct access to product and development teams.

Workshops are tailored to your exact requirements and your team size. Learn more about best practices and typical solutions for your project in class room and online workshops.

Text Control Consulting

Typical Workshop Topics

From getting started workshops to hands-on development sprints with a working prototype at the end of the workshop - you name it. The following list shows typical topics and tasks:

  • Migrating Office automation projects to TX Text Control
  • Template design and conversion from other reporting tools
  • Creating templates using TX Text Control Words
  • Reporting concepts including repeating merge blocks, conditional fields, barcodes, images and charts
  • Creating sub-reports with TX Text Control
  • Using data sources: Business objects, POCO objects, DataSets
  • Customizing the merge process using merge events

Text Control Consulting

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