TXTextControl.SectionCurrent Property

Returns or sets the section number for the following properties and methods: PageWidth, PageHeight, PageMarginL, PageMarginT, PageMarginR, PageMarginB, PageOrientation, HeaderFooter, HeaderFooterActivate, HeaderFooterSelect, HeaderFooterPosition, HeaderFooterConnectedToPrevious, Columns, PageBorderAttribute, ColumnDistance, ColumnLineWidth, ColumnLineColor, ColumnWidthsAndDistances, SectionRestartPageNumbering, and SectionBreakKind. The section number can either be the number of a section, beginning with 1, or a value specifying all sections of the document or all selected sections.

Introduced: 14.0.


TXTextControl.SectionCurrent [= SectionNumber]
Setting Description
0 (Default) All sections of the document.
-1 The section with the text input position or all selected sections.
Otherwise The number of a section. Sections are numbered from the beginning to the end of a document beginning with 1.

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Run time only.

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