TXTextControl.HeaderFooter Property

This property determines which kind of headers and/or footers the document or a section contains. Headers and footers are only displayed, if the ViewMode property has been set to Page View. The SectionCurrent property determines the part of the document. Using this property, a header or footer is not automatically activated. The HeaderFooterActivate method or the built-in mouse interface can be used to activate a header or footer.


TXTextControl.HeaderFooter [= HeadersFooters]
Setting Description
txHeader (1) Inserts a header.
txFirstHeader (2) Inserts a special header for the first page.
txFooter (4) Inserts a footer.
txFirstFooter (8) Inserts a special footer for the first page.
txEvenHeader (128) Inserts an even header.
txEvenFooter (256) Inserts an even footer.


The property value can be the sum of one or more of the specified settings.

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Run time only.

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