TXTextControl.HeaderFooterConnectedToPrevious Property

This property returns or sets a value specifying whether a header or footer is connected with the header or footer of the previous section. If headers or footers are connected, they have always the same contents. The SectionCurrent property determines the section, the header or footer belongs to.

Introduced: 14.0.


TXTextControl.HeaderFooterConnectedToPrevious(HeaderFooter) [= value]
Parameter Description

Specifies the kind of the header or footer. Valid values are listed in Constants.


Valid values for the HeaderFooter parameter are:

Constant Description
txHeader (1)

Specifies the header.

txFirstHeader (2)

Specifies the special header for the first page.

txFooter (4)

Specifies the footer.

txFirstFooter (8)

Specifies the special footer for the first page.

txEvenHeader (128)

Specifies the even header.

txEvenFooter (256)

Specifies the even footer.

Data Types

HeaderFooter: Integer
Property value: Boolean


Run time only.

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