TXTextControl.HeaderFooterActivate Method

Activates or deactivates a header or footer. The SectionCurrent property determines the section, the header or footer of which is activated. During activation the current input focus is set to the header or footer area, so that the user can alter the text and/or the format. During deactivation the input focus is set back to the main text.


TXTextControl.HeaderFooterActivate HeaderFooter
Parameter Description

Specifies the header or footer to activate. Valid values are described in Constants.

Return Value

The method returns True, if a header or footer could be activated, otherwise it returns False.


Valid values for the HeaderFooter parameter are:

Constant Description

A currently activated header or footer is deactivated.

txHeader (1)

Activates the header.

txFirstHeader (2)

Activates the special header of the first page.

txFooter (4)

Activates the footer.

txFirstFooter (8)

Activates the special footer of the first page.

txEvenHeader (128)

Activates the even header.

txEvenFooter (256)

Activates the even footer.

Data Types

HeaderFooter: Integer
Return value: Boolean

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