Control Settings


Property Description
TXTextControl.AllowDrag Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control can be a source of a Drag&Drop operation.
TXTextControl.AllowDrop Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control can accept data that the user drags onto it.
TXTextControl.AutoExpand Specifies whether the control size should expand automatically when the text insertion or format changes results in text that does not fit into the Text Control anymore.
TXTextControl.BackColor Returns or sets the background color of a Text Control.
TXTextControl.BackStyle Returns or sets a value indicating whether the background of a Text Control is transparent or opaque.
TXTextControl.BorderStyle Returns or sets the border style for a Text Control.
TXTextControl.CaretWidth This property returns or sets the width of the caret in pixels.
TXTextControl.ClipboardFormats Returns an array of Integer values specifying all the data formats which are currently available in the clipboard and which can be pasted into a TextControl document.
TXTextControl.ClipChildren This property is only used for Text Controls which act as a container for other Text Controls or embedded objects.
TXTextControl.ClipSiblings This property determines the clipping behaviour of each of the child controls which belong to a common container control.
TXTextControl.ControlChars Specifies if control characters are visible.
TXTextControl.DisplayColor This property gets or sets the display colors of a TextControl.
TXTextControl.Enabled Returns or sets a value that determines whether a Text Control can respond to user-generated events.
TXTextControl.FontSettings Determines which kind of fonts can be used in a document.
TXTextControl.hWnd Returns a handle to a Text Control.
TXTextControl.Language Determines the language in which Text Control displays dialog boxes and error messages.
TXTextControl.Locale Specifies a language for the selected text.
TXTextControl.LockWindowUpdate Disables or reenables redrawing.
TXTextControl.MousePointer Returns or sets a value indicating the type of mouse pointer displayed when the mouse is over a particular part of a Text Control at run time.
TXTextControl.PermanentControlChars Gets or sets a value specifying which control characters are shown permanently on the screen.
TXTextControl.ResourceFile Returns or sets the file name of a resource library which Text Control loads to display resources like information strings, error messages and built-in dialog boxes.
TXTextControl.RightToLeft Returns or sets a value specifying whether the Text Control's vertical scrollbar is at the left or right border and whether the Text Control has a right or left zoom origin.
TXTextControl.SelectionViewMode Specifies whether text selections are displayed with a transparent bitmap or through inverting the text.
TXTextControl.SizeMode Specifies whether the Text Control can be moved or resized at run time.
TXTextControl.SupportedFonts This property returns a string specifying the names of all available fonts.
TXTextControl.TabKey Determines if the keyboard's tab key moves the input focus to the next control or to insert tabulators in the Text Control's text.
TXTextControl.ViewMode Returns or sets the mode in which Text Control displays its text contents.
TXTextControl.WordWrapMode This property returns or sets the mode how Text Control handles word wrapping in lines without space or other word breaking characters.


Method Description
TXTextControl.GetTextExtent Returns the extension of the complete text in twips.
TXTextControl.LocaleDialog Invokes the Text Control's built-in language dialog box and, after the user has closed the dialog box, specifies whether he has changed something.
TXTextControl.Paste Replaces the current selection in the Text Control with the contents of the Clipboard.
TXTextControl.Refresh This method forces a complete repaint of a Text Control.


Event Description
TXTextControl.ContextMenuOpening Occurs before a built-in context menu is opened.
TXTextControl.Error Occurs when the Text Control reports an error.
TXTextControl.HExpand Occurs when the Text Control has changed its window size horizontally.
TXTextControl.Move Occurs when a Text Control has been moved with the mouse.
TXTextControl.Size Occurs when a Text Control has been resized with the mouse.
TXTextControl.VExpand Occurs when the Text Control has changed its window size vertically.