TXTextControl.PermanentControlChars Property

Gets or sets a value specifying which control characters are shown permanently on the screen. The property's value must be one or more values of the ControlCharConstants enumeration. To specify more than one value they can be added. Control characters which are not specified through this property are shown only, when the ControlChars property has been set to True.

Introduced: 19.0.


TXTextControl.PermanentControlChars [= value]
Value Description
txSpace (1)

Shows a space.

txTab (2)

Shows a tabstopp.

txParagraph (4)

Shows the end of a paragraph.

txLineBreak (8)

Shows a forced line break.

txObjectAnchor (16)

Shows an anchor, when an anchored object is selected.

txPageBreak (32)

Shows a page break.

txSectionBreak (64)

Shows a section break.

txHyphen (128)

Shows a hyphen.

txNonBreakingSpace (256)

Shows a non-breaking space.

txTableCellEnd (512)

Shows the end of a table cell.

txAll (1023)

Shows all control characters.

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