TXTextControl.FontSettings Property

Determines which kind of fonts can be used in a document.

Introduced: 15.0.


TXTextControl.FontSettings [= value]
Setting Description
0 - All Fonts (Default) All fonts which are supported through the output device are allowed.
1 - Scaleable Fonts only Allows only scaleable fonts.
2 - Embeddable Fonts only Allows only fonts which are embeddable. Embeddable fonts may be stored in a document without violating their font embedding licensing rights. When a document with embedded fonts is opened on a system that does not have the font installed, the embedded font may be loaded for temporary use on that system. TX Text Control allows only OpenType and TrueType fonts to be embeddable.
4 - TrueType Fonts only Allows only OpenType and TrueType fonts.


The values listed above can be added to set more than one option.

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