TXTextControl.CaretWidth Property

This property returns or sets the width of the caret in pixels. Text Control supports different settings for the caret in marked text fields and in standard text. A width value of zero indicates the default setting which is the system-defined window-border width in standard text and 2 pixels in marked text fields. The maximum width is 255 pixels. A different caret width in marked text fields is only used if the &H4 attribute has been set with the FieldEditAttr property.


TXTextControl.CaretWidth(Caret) [= Width]
Parameter Description

Specifies the caret. It can be one of the following settings:

Setting Meaning
0 Specifies the caret in standard text.
1 Specifies the caret in marked text fields.

Data Types

Caret: Integer
Property value: Integer


Run time only.

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