New Features

Text Control 24.0 provides the following new features:

Feature Description
Colored Paragraphs A paragraph's background and the lines of a paragraph frame can be colored. The properties FrameColor and FrameLineColor can be used to get or to set such colors. The built-in dialog box for setting paragraph attributes, the TX TextControl file format and all text filters have been extended to support this feature.
Zooming Zooming has been extended with new zoom options. These options can be used to zoom the contents of a TextControl so that either the whole page, the complete width of a page or the complete text of a line becomes visible. They can be used with the new Zoom method. The TXStatusBar control has been extended with two new buttons to support this feature.
Toolbars The TXButtonBar and TXRulerBar can be set to read only now. When such a tool bar is set to read only, it still shows all formatting attributes of the connected TXTextControl, but formatting attributes cannot be changed.
Built-in Dialogboxes The ParagraphDialog, TableAttrDialog and ObjectAttrDialog methods have got now an optional parameter which can be used to specify the tab which is shown when the dialog box is opened.
Text Fields When a text field has a doubled input position at the beginning and at the end, each of these positions can be reached now with a mouse-click.