TXRulerBar Control

A TXRulerBar control represents a ruler bar for a Text Control. It cab be used to set paragraph attributes like indents and tabulators and the horizontal alignment of table cells.




Property Description
Appearance Returns or sets the paint style of a ruler bar.
BorderStyle Returns or sets the border style for a ruler bar.
Direction Gets or sets a value specifying the direction of the ruler bar in the document.
DisplayColor This property gets or sets the display colors of a ruler bar.
Enabled Returns or sets a value that determines whether a ruler bar can respond to user-generated events.
EnablePageMargins Enables or disables the setting of page margins.
FormulaMode Gets or sets a value specifying whether the ruler bar shows cell references when the current input position is in a table cell.
hWnd Returns a handle to a ruler bar.
Language Determines the language in which resources are displayed.
ReadOnly Returns or sets a value determining the ruler bar's read only mode.
ResourceFile Returns or sets the file name of a resource library which are loaded to display resources.
RightToLeft Returns or sets a value specifying whether the ruler bar has its origin at the right or at the left border.
ScaleUnits Returns or sets the scale units for the ruler.


Event Description
MouseDown Occurs when the user presses a mouse button.
MouseMove Occurs when the user moves the mouse.
MouseUp Occurs when the user releases a mouse button.

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