TXTextControl.ObjectAttrDialog Method

This method invokes the built-in dialog box for setting attributes of images, text frames and OLE objects. The dialog box offers different options depending on the kind of object, currently selected.

Introduced: 12.0.


TXTextControl.ObjectAttrDialog [ActiveTab]
Parameter Description

Optional. Specifies the index of the tab, zero-based, that is displayed when the tabbed dialog box is opened. The following values are possible:

Value Description
0 The dialog box shows the tab for setting text wrapping and layout.
1 The dialog box shows the tab for setting size and distances.
2 The dialog box shows the tab for setting specific attributes, such as image saving options or text frame colors and frames.

Return Value

The method returns True when the user has changed one or more attibutes. The method returns False when the formatting remains unchanged.


The changes, made in the dialog box, apply to the currently selected object.

Data Types

ActiveTab: Integer
Return value: Boolean

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