Headers and Footers


Property Description
TXTextControl.HeaderFooter This property determines which kind of headers and/or footers the document or a section contains.
TXTextControl.HeaderFooterAtInputPos Returns which header or footer owns the current text input position.
TXTextControl.HeaderFooterConnectedToPrevious This property returns or sets a value specifying whether a header or footer is connected with the header or footer of the previous section.
TXTextControl.HeaderFooterPosition This property specifies the position of a header or footer.
TXTextControl.HeaderFooterStyle This property determines how headers and footers can be activated and how activated headers and footers appear on the screen.


Method Description
TXTextControl.HeaderFooterActivate Activates or deactivates a header or footer.
TXTextControl.HeaderFooterSelect This method determines whether a certain Text Control property or method manipulates a header or a footer or the main text.
TXTextControl.PageNumberDialog This method opens a built-in dialog box to set formatting attributes for the specified pagenumber field.


Event Description
TXTextControl.HeaderFooterActivated Occurs when a header or footer has been activated.
TXTextControl.HeaderFooterDeactivated Occurs when a header or footer has been deactivated.