TXTextControl.FieldTypeData Property

This property sets or returns the data that belongs to a marked text field of a special type. The chapter Technical Articles - Marked Text Fields - Special Types of Marked Text Fields informs about all the types and the data belonging to these types.


TXTextControl.FieldTypeData(FieldId) [= TypeData]
Parameter Description

Identifies the field that is to be manipulated. The specified data can be a long value or a character string depending on the type of the field. For the different field types the corresponding data are listed in the following Constants section.


The following lists the possible data for each type of field. The corresponding data type is listed in Data Types:

Constant Description
txFieldExternalLink (1)

Defines the external location to where the link points.

txFieldInternalLink (2)

Defines the location in the same document to where the link points.

txFieldPageNumber (3)

Defines the starting number and the number format. To display the number in a certain format the following constants can be added to the starting number:

Constant Description
&H30000 Pages are numbered with Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, ...).
&H40000 Pages are numbered with small letters (a, b, c, ...).
&H50000 Pages are numbered with capital letters (A, B, C, ...).
&H60000 Pages are numbered with Roman numbers (I, II, III, ...).
&H70000 Pages are numbered with small Roman numbers (i, ii, iii, ...).
txFieldLinkTarget (4)

Defines the name of a target.

txFieldHighlight (5)

Defines the color of the highlight.

txFieldTopic (6)

Defines the number of the topic.

txFieldMSWord (7)

Defines the type name and parameters of a Microsoft Word field as a sequence of strings, separated through TAB (9) characters. The first string specifies the type name of the field (for example: MERGEFIELD). The following strings are the field's parameters which can be arguments and switches. Each switch begins with a backslash.

txFieldHighEdit (8)

Defines the name and parameters of the Heiler Highedit field as a sequence of strings, separated through TAB (9) characters.

txFieldAllPages (9)

Defines the number format. It can be one of the following constants:

Constant Description
&H30000 The number of pages is shown with an Arabic number (1, 2, 3, ...).
&H40000 The number of pages is shown with a small letter (a, b, c, ...).
&H50000 The number of pages is shown with a capital letter (A, B, C, ...).
&H60000 The number of pages is shown with a Roman number (I, II, III, ...).
&H70000 The number of pages is shown with a small Roman number (i, ii, iii, ...).

Data Types

FieldId: Integer
txFieldExternalLink String
txFieldInternalLink String
txFieldPageNumber Long
txFieldLinkTarget String
txFieldHighlight Long
txFieldTopic Long
txFieldMSWord String
txFieldHighEdit String
txFieldAllPages Long


Run time only.


The following example numbers pages with Roman numbers starting with number 3:

TXTextControl1.FieldTypeData(1) = 3 + &H60000

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