TXTextControl.Find Method

Searches the text in a Text Control for a given string.


TXTextControl.Find FindWhat[, Start[, Options]]
Parameter Description

Specifies the string to search for.


Optional. An integer character index that determines where to begin the search. The first character of text in the control has an index of 0. When this parameter is omitted or set to -1, the search begins at the current input position.


Optional. Is the sum of one or more constants used to specify optional features, as described in the following list:

Constant Description
1 - SearchUp Determines the direction of searches through a document. If this flag is used, the search direction is up; if the flag is not used, the search direction is down.
4 - MatchCase Determines if a match is based on the case of the specified string as well as the text of the string.
8 - NoHighLight Determines if a match appears highlighted in the Text Control.
16 - NoMessageBox Suppresses the built-in message boxes which inform the user that a match could not be found.
64 - MatchWholeWord Searches for whole words only.

Return Value

If the text searched for is found, the Find method highlights the specified text and returns the index (zero-based) of the first character highlighted. If the specified text is not found, the Find method returns -1.

Data Types

FindWhat:    String
Start:    Long
Options:    Long
Return value:    Long

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