TXTextControl.FieldLinkClicked Event

Occurs when a marked text field has been clicked on that represents the source of a hypertext link.


FieldLinkClicked(FieldId, FieldType, TypeData)
Parameter Description

Is the identifier of the field that has been clicked on.


Is the type of the field that has been clicked on. This event occurs only for fields of the types txFieldExternalLink and txFieldInternalLink.


Specifies a character string that is the information to where the link points. This data has either been set with the FieldTypeData property or has been created through a text filter. For fields of the type txFieldExternalLink this can be any kind of address or file name. For fields of the type txFieldInternalLink this is the name of a marked text field of the type txFieldLinkTarget.

Data Types

FieldId:    Integer
FieldType:    Integer
TypeData:    String

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