New Features

Text Control 21.0 provides the following new features:

Feature Description
Find and Replace The built-in find and replace dialogboxes have been extended with several new features. The search process is no longer limited to the main text, it can be continued in text frames and in headers and footers. A new option MatchWholeWord has been added to the dialogbox and to the Find method locating only instances of the search text which are whole words.
Table Programming The new TableSelectCells method allows it to select a certain part of a table defined through two table cells.
Pasting data from the Clipboard TX Text Control provides an interface that enables a programmer to change the default behaviour for pasting data from the clipboard. The new ClipboardFormats property and the new Paste method have been implemented to support this feature.
Sections and Pages The new properties PageStart/SectionStart and PageLength/SectionLength have been added to get the information where a certain page or section begins and how many characters it contains. The methods PageSelect and SectionSelect can be used to select a certain page or section.
Resource Kit The built-in Find, Replace and Color dialogboxes have been added to the resource kit and can be localized now.