New Features and Update Notes

TX Text Control 15.0 provides several new features described in the following table.

New Features

Feature Description
Arranging Text in Columns The text of a document can now be arranged in columns. The number of columns is an attribute of a document section, so that different numbers of columns can be used in the same document. Depending on where a section starts, the number of columns can change everywhere on a page. Further attributes are the widths of the columns and the distance between the columns that can individually be changed. In an automatic mode the width of the columns are calculated from the page width, which is the default setting. An end-user can use an additional tab of the Page Setup dialog box, available through the SectionFormatDialog method to make column settings and the TX TextControl ruler bar shows the columns' widths and the distances between the columns. The SHIFT-CTRL-RETURN keyboard key combination inserts a break character which forces that text is continued in the next column. The Columns and the ColumnDistance properties can be used to set columns programmatically. Columns set with these properties are automatically adapted to the page width. To set columns with different widths and distances, use the ColumnWidthsAndDistances property.
Archiving Documents in PDF/A Format A document can now be archived in PDF/A format. TX Text Control supports the ISO Standard PDF/A-1 Level B. In addition to standard PDF the following data is saved:
  • only embeddable fonts are saved
  • document data like title or author is saved in XMP format
  • Additional font data is stored specifying which characters of a font are used
  • A color profile is saved
  • Links to start other applications are not allowed
  • Access restrictions are not allowed. The txDocAccessPermissions attribute of the LoadSaveAttribute property is ignored.
The Format parameter of the Save methods accepts a new value thus this format can be saved. Before saving PDF/A the new FontSettings property must be set to Embeddable Fonts only, so that the document contains only embeddable fonts.
Structured Numbered Lists TX Text Control supports now structured numbered lists. A structured list displays for each level its list number and additionally the list numbers of the higher levels. The text in front and behind the list number is also displayed for all higher levels. The text in front and behind the list number can now be longer than one character. The ListType property has been extended with the txListStructured setting to support such lists. The NumberingAttribute property has been extended with the txNumberingPostText and txNumberingPreText attributes to support text longer than one character in front and behind the list numbers. The TX Text Control Button Bar provides a new button for setting a structured numbered list. The PosListStructured property has been added to determine the position of this button.

Update Notes

Feature Update Note
NumberingAttribute Property The txNumberingPostText and txNumberingPreText attributes replace the txNumberingPostChar and txNumberingPreChar attributes to support longer text in front and behind the numbers of numbered lists. Although still implemented for compatibility a new application should not use the older versions.