XMLElement Object

An XMLElement object is an OLE Automation object that represents an element in an XML document. To iterate through all existing XML elements the XMLElements collection object can be used. An XMLElement object has the following class name that can be used to create a new object with the CreateObject function:





Property Description
AutoSelect Determines whether the text of a newly added XML element is automatically selected.
AutoText Determines whether text is automatically created for a newly added XML element that has no text contents.
ElementName Returns or sets the XML element's name.
Text Returns or sets the text belonging to an XML element.


Method Description
AddChild Adds a new XMLElement object as a sub-element of this element.
ChildItem Returns an XMLElement object that is a child element of this element.
RemoveChild Removes a sub-element from this element.
Select Selects the text of the XML element.

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