New Features

Text Control 23.0 provides the following new features:

Feature Description
Inserting Symbol Characters A new dialog box is available to insert one or more symbol characters into the document. It is available with the InsertSymbolDialog method.
Saving Document Properties General document properties such as creation date, keywords or author can be saved and loaded with all supported text formats using the new LoadSaveAttribute settings txCreationDate, txAuthor, txDocKeywords, txLastModificationDate, txDocSubject and txCreatorApplication.
Bulleted Lists The bullet character is no longer limited to the Windows Symbol font. The new BulletAttribute setting txBulletFont specifies the name of the font used for the bullet character. The bullet character itself can be any Unicode character. The ListAttrDialog dialog box has been extended to specify a font and an Unicode character.
Inserting Text Frames A new built-in mouse interface can be used to insert a text frame into the document. It is started, when the Width or Height parameter of the TextFrameInsert, TextFrameInsertAsChar or TextFrameInsertFixed method is set to zero. The end-user can then click into the document and draw a frame which determines the postion of the text frame. After releasing the mouse button the new text frame is created and inserted into the document.