TXTextControl.BulletAttribute Property

This property returns or sets attributes for bulleted lists. A new attribute set with this property has only effect when the ListType Method property is used the next time.


TXTextControl.BulletAttribute(Attribute) [= value]
Parameter Description

Determines the attribute that is to be changed or returned. Possible values are listed in Constants.


Valid values for the Attribute parameter are:

Constant Description
txBulletChar (0)

Specifies the character code of the bullet character. This value must be the code of a character in the Unicode character set.

txBulletFormatChar (1)

Specifies the code of the character that defines the formatting of the gap between the bullet character and the following text. Possible codes are:

Code Meaning
0 The text immediately follows the bullet character.
9 The text is displayed at the next tabulator position.
32 The text follows the bullet character seperated with a space character.
txBulletLevel (2)

Specifies the level of the bulleted list. The topmost level has the number one, the maximum possible level is 10.

txBulletPos (3)

Defines the position of the bullet character in twips.

txBulletSize (4)

Defines the font size of the bullet character in twips. If this attribute is -1, Text Control displays the bullet character with the font size of the following text.

txBulletTextPos (5)

Defines, in twips, the position of the text that follows the bullet character.

txBulletFont (6)

Defines the name of the font which is used to display the bullet character.

Data Types

txBulletChar Integer
txBulletFormatChar Integer
txBulletLevel Integer
txBulletPos Integer
txBulletSize Integer
txBulletTextPos Integer
txBulletFont String


Run time only.

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