New Features

Text Control 22.0 provides the following new features:

Feature Description
Merging documents For better support when merging documents, the Append and AppendFromMemory methods have been added. These methods load text in a certain format from a file, a byte array or a string and append it to the existing document. It can be specified that the document is appended at the end of the existing document or if a new paragraph or section is created for the appended document.
Loading and Saving Images TX Text Control now uses Windows Imaging Component (WIC), a Component Object Model based imaging codec framework for working with and processing digital images and image metadata. The Tagged Image Format (.TIF) and Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF) image formats can now additionally be used for exporting images. The ImageExportFormat and the txImageExportFormat (19) constant of the LoadSaveAttribute property support this feature.
Programming Features Some new properties and methods have been added. The ParagraphCount property and the ParagraphSelect method extend programming with paragraphs and the GetCaretRect and the GetCharRect methods support programming with the text input position.