TXTextControl.Append Method

Appends text in a certain format from a file and inserts it at the end of the current document.

Introduced: 22.0.


TXTextControl.Append FileName[, Offset[, Format[, AppendSettings]]]
Parameter Description

Specifies the file to load from.


Optional. Specifies the file position from where the data is read. When not specified or set to zero the data is read from the beginning.


Optional. Specifies a format identifier. When not specified Text Control assumes Text Control's internal format (3). See the Format parameter of the Load method for possible format identifiers.


Optional. When omitted, the text is inserted at the last position of the last paragraph. Otherwise, it must be one of the following AppendSettingsConstants constants:

Constant Meaning
txStartWithNewParagraph Appends the text starting with a new paragraph.
txStartWithNewSection Appends the text starting with a new section on a new page.

Return Value

The method returns the position in the file after the data has been loaded.

Data Types

FileName:    String
Offset:    Long
Format:    Integer
AppendSettings:    Integer
Return value:    Long

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