New Features

Text Control 20.0 provides the following new features:

Feature Description
Right to Left Support Text Control supports right to left text rendering for languages such as Arabic or Hebrew. Each line in a document can be bidirectional, which means, that it can contain text parts written from left to right and text parts written from right to left. The text input position behind a left-to-right character is on its right side and the input position behind a right-to-left character is on its left side. In addition, a paragraph can be formatted from right to left, which means that the blocks of bidirectional text are ordered from right to left. The TextDirection property has been added to support this feature. The paragraph formatting dialog box has also been extended to enable an end-user to format a paragraph from right to left. A tabulator in a right-to-left paragraph is a distance from the document's right page margin. When a paragraph is justified, TextControl now supports the insertion of Arabic Kashida lines in addition to expanding spaces. The Justification property can be used to set the kind of justification for each paragraph. Both justification features can be combined. The horizontal ruler bar has been extended to show the horizontal origin in a right-to-left paragraph at the right page margin. In right to left text, the natural paragraph alignment and tabulator kind is right aligned. The new ChangeTextDirection method can be used to change the writing direction of one or more paragraphs. When the direction of a paragraph is changed this paragraph's alignment is toggled from left to right or from right to left. The alignment of centered and justified paragraphs is not changed. Left and right tabulators are also toggled.
Right to Left Application Design To support a right to left application design, all TXTextControl controls have a RightToLeft property. A TXTextControl control then shows the vertical scrollbar at the left border and has a zoom origin at the top right corner. All built-in dialog boxes and context menus have a right-to-left design. The TXRulerBar control has a right-to-left ruler and the TXButtonBar and TXStatusBar controls show their buttons or text parts from right to left.
Multilingual documents A piece of text can be formatted now for a specific language, which is used for spellchecking and hyphenation. A document can be multilingual, which means that multiple languages can be used in the same document. A new built-in dialog box available with the LocaleDialog method can be used to get or to set the language for a selection of text or for the current text input position. Programmatically this can be done with the the Locale property. All text filters have been adapted to support language settings in other text formats. The TXStatusBar control offers the new ShowLocale property to show the language at the text input position.
Button Bar Additional predefined buttons have been added to the TXButtonBar control. The PosStrikethru, PosSubscript and PosSuperscript buttons have been added to set additional font attributes. The PosLeftToRight and PosRightToLeft buttons set the writing direction either left to right or right to left.