TXTextControl.Justification Property

Gets or sets the kind of justification in documents containing Arabic or Hebrew characters. If a paragraph is justified, the additional space to justify the line is added to the spaces between the words. When the line contains Arabic or Hebrew characters the line can also be justified through the insertion of Kashida lines.

Introduced: 20.0.


TXTextControl.Justification [= value]
Setting Description
(Default) txSpaces To justify a line additional space is added to the spaces between the words.
txKashida To justify a line Kashida lines are inserted.
txSpacesAndKashida To justify a line both kinds of justification are used.
0 Get only. The property returns 0, if more than one paragraph is selected and these paragraphs have different justification settings.


If the FormatSelection property has previously been set to True, changing this property affects only the currently selected paragaphs. If FormatSelection has been set to False, the setting applies to the entire control.

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