New Properties, Methods and Events

In TX Text Control 19.0 the following new properties, methods and events have been added:


Property Description
TXTextControl.PermanentControlChars Gets or sets a value specifying which control characters are shown permanently on the screen.
TXTextControl.SectionRestartPageNumbering Returns or sets a value specifying whether page numbering is restarted at the beginning of a document section.


Method Description
TXTextControl.PageNumberDialog This method opens a built-in dialog box to set formatting attributes for the specified pagenumber field.
TXTextControl.PrintDialog Opens the system printing dialog and prints a Text Control document as specified through the dialog.
TXTextControl.TableCellSelect This method can be used to select a table cell, a table row, a table column or a complete table.
TXTextControl.TableDelete This method can be used to delete a complete table from the document.
TXTextControl.TableFromSelection This method returns the table identifier of the currently selected table.
TXTextControl.TableInsertDialog This method opens a built-in dialog box which offers options to define a new table.


Event Description
TXTextControl.ContextMenuOpening Occurs before a built-in context menu is opened.