New Features and Update Notes

TX Text Control 18.0 provides the following new features:

New Features

Feature Description
Z-Order Text Control now offers a z-order of all images, text frames and OLE objects which are inserted in the text. All of these objects can be either in front of the text or behind the text and the z-order among these objects can be changed. The ObjectTextflow property has been extended to support objects in front and behind the text. Depending on these modes either the text overwrites the object or the object overwrites the text. The z-order can be changed with the ObjectChangeZOrder method. With this method the image, text frame or OLE object can be moved up or down one plane or it can be moved to the topmost or to the bottom most position. Objects inserted inline have always a z-order of zero.
Transparent Text Frames Text frames can be transparent, so that images and other text frames behind a transparent text frame are visible. Transparency can be set as a value from 0 to 255 with the ObjectTransparency property. Zero means opaque and 255 means completely transparent.
Images TX Text Control supports now the EMF image format (Windows Enhanced Metafile). The EMF and WMF image formats are handled internally without an image filter. The WMF image filter is no longer necessary.
New Status Bar Design The TXStatusBar offers a new background style with a vertical color gradient and separator lines between the display parts. Furthermore a track bar has been added to set the zooming factor of a Text Control. All colors depend either on the Windows themes or can be user-defined with the TXStatusBar.DisplayColor property. The new txVerticalColorScheme style can be set with the TXStatusBar.Appearance property.