TXTextControl.TableNext Method

This method returns a enumaration number of the table that follows the specified table in the Text Control's current text. It can be used to enumerate all tables. In a list of linked Text Controls the search is performed in all controls. The method uses enumeration numbers instead of table identifiers because table identifiers are not unique. The corresponding table identifer is retrieved by the TableId parameter.


TXTextControl.TableNext EnumerationNumber, TableId
Parameter Description

Specifies a enumeration number. The method returns the enumeration number of the table that follows the table with this number. If this parameter is zero, the first table's enumeration number is returned.


Text Control copies the table's identifier to this variable. This is the same value as returned from the TableInsert method.

Return Value

Specifies the enumeration number of the next table. It can be used for the next TableNext call. The return value is zero when the last table has been reached or when the specified enumeration number was invalid.

Data Types

EnumerationNumber:    Integer
TableId:    Integer
Return value:    Integer

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