TXTextControl.TableInsert Method

This method inserts a new table in the text.


TXTextControl.TableInsert Rows, Columns, TextPos [, TableId]
Parameter Description

Specifies the number of rows.


Specifies the number of columns.


Specifies the text position where the new table is to be inserted. It is inserted at the current input position when this parameter is set to -1.


Optional. Specifies a table identifier. This identifier can be used to access or to alter the table's text and attributes. It must be in the range of 10 to 32,767.

Return Value

Parameter Description
0 An error has occurred or the table could not be inserted. Tables cannot be inserted when text has been selected.
-1 The new table has been inserted at the top or at the bottom of an existing table. In this case the new table is combined with the existing table.
otherwise The table's identifier. This is the same value as specified with the TableId parameter or an internal identifier selected by Text Control when the optional TableId parameter has been omitted.

Data Types

Rows:    Integer
Columns:    Integer
TextPos:    Long
TableId:    Integer
Return value:    Integer

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